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    First Name Last Name or Group Format Genre Subgenre Album Title A Side Title B Side Title Label & # Disc Condition Cover Condition Comments Price




    Irvin Russ 45 50s R&B/RnR Love Just Laughed At Me Again Silly Old Man Lynne' 77-100 VG Plays strong VG, almost VG+. Label wear/stains/small label tears $75.00

    Millie Vernon 45 50s R&B/RnR Bloodshot Eyes That Old Feeling Chelsea 532 VG+ wlp. Looks VG, plays VG+. Light label wear $20.00

    Homesick James 45 Blues Can't Afford To Do It Set A Date Colt 632 VG Plays strong VG, almost VG+. Pressed off-center, but plays with no with audible problems until the fade. Label wear/tears $100.00

    Slim Anderson 45 C&W Official Minnesota Waltz Four-Day Weekend Polka No label name 1001 VG+ Scuffs not affecting play. Light label wear $10.00

    Luke McDaniel 45 C&W Tribute To Hank Williams, My Buddy This Crying Heart Trumpet 184 VG Looks VG++, but plays with surface hiss possibly inherent in the mastering. Label wear $15.00

    Onie Wheeler 45 C&W (You're Just) Too Hot To Handle I Need To Go Home K-Ark 606 VG+ Writing on label/light label wear/small label tears $10.00

    Charlie Parker 45 Jazz Night And Day I Can't Get Started Mercury 11096X45 VG Label wear/stains/small label tears $20.00

    Frank Cherval 45 Rock How Come Tag Along MGM 13095 VG+ Looks VG-. A: plays VG+, B: VG. Label wear/stains/sticker on label $18.00

    Phillip Goodhand-Tait 45 Rock Jesus Didn't Only Love The Cowboys Leon 20th Century 2149 VG+ Scuffs/hairlines cause occasional light surface noise $20.00

    Grateful Dead 45 Rock Truckin' Ripple Warner Bros. 7464 VG+ wlp. A: plays VG+ with hairlines not affecting play. B: looks VG+, but plays strong VG with light surface noise/wear. Light label wear $15.00

    Kevin & Greg 45 Rock Summer Skies Little Things Associated Artists 664 VG+ Scuffs not affecting play. Label wear/small label tears $12.00

    Pixies Three 45 Rock Girl Group Love Walked In Orphan Boy Mercury 72331 VG Label wear/drill hole $12.00

    Ronnie Speeks 45 Rock Rockabilly Mister Glenn My Darling (I Love You So) Palette 5094 VG+ wlp. Looks VG, plays VG+. Light label wear $65.00

    Spiedels 45 Rock Blackout Itís Been So Long Ace 200,770/200,771 VG Cloudy surface plays with some wear. Small warp not affecting play - tracks fine at 2 grams. Label wear $18.00

    Various Artists 45 Rock Punk/New Wave WBRU 95.5 Rock Hunt Record Schemers-High Fashion Girl/Butch McCarthy-It's Only Love Words-Dancin In My Mind/Detedtives-Next Time RTR 8209 VG VG- 4 song 33rpm 7" EP. B2 plays with intro surface noise. The other 3 tracks play VG+. Picture sleeve has creases/small tear. Light label wear $15.00

    Verne & Dana 45 Rock Ride The Fast Lane If Wishes Were Horses Soundtrax 1006 VG A: strong VG with occasional light surface noise and a few stray tics. C&W B side: 1 intro pop. Label wear $20.00

    Zanies 45 Rock Novelty Blob Do You Dig Me Mister Pigmy Era 1080 VG Looks G but plays VG. Label wear/sticker on label $14.00

    John Costanzo 45 Soul Sir Duke Where Do You Go Alma 780449 VG+ B: pop vocal. Scuffs not affecting play. Label wear/small tears $50.00

    Exciters 45 Soul Funk Alone Again (Naturally) (Stereo) Alone Again (Naturally) (Mono) Fargo 1400 VG promo. Plays strong VG with light wear and a few stray minor tics. Label wear. $60.00

    Nirvana 45 Soul Disco Jump Time (Vocal) Jump Time (Vocal) TNT 7225 VG+ promo. Plays with light surface noise during acapella intros. Label wear $15.00

    Bettye Scott 45 Soul Good Feeling Down, Down, Down Teako 1000 VG Plays strong VG with marks causing a few intro tics. BAD label stains. $18.00

    Soul Survivors 45 Soul Funk Mama Soul Tell Daddy Atco 6650 VG+ wlp. Looks VG, plays VG+. Light label wear $50.00

    Swing 45 Soul You Beat Me To The Punch Lover's Question Playground 101 VG++ Light label wear/small tears along center hole $30.00

    Neal Hefti/Tom Glazer 45 Soundtrack Batman Theme Superman Theme Golden 2101 VG+ G Scuffs/hairlines not affecting play. Picture sleeve has wear/tears/bad creases. Light label wear. Due to oversized sleeve, will be mailed in an LP mailed for LP postage $30.00

    Sammy Bondi/Ms. Ruth Seals 45 Vocalist White Christian I Love You So Booker 1111 VG Plays with many minor tics, but only 1 or 2 pops. No skips. Label wear $18.00

    Vega 79 45 Vocalist As Dreams Take Flight (Marv's Melody) Marv's Melody Marv Cutler Presents VG+ Scuffs not affecting play. Light label wear. B:instr by Al Vega $15.00




    Hugh Masekela CD Africa Grrr Verve B0000605 SS VG+ Shrink wrap is shop-worn but STILL SEALED. Digipak corners have dents and/or small tears where shrink is torn. $10.00

    David Mallet CD Folk Horse I Rode In On North Road no # VG+ VG Very light scuffs on disc not affecting play. Digipak cover has creases/dents/small tear $15.00

    Suzanne McDermott CD Folk Roswell Incident Rosema Red 416 VG+ VG+ c. 20 min playing time. Light scuffs on disc not affecting play. Cardboard cover has light wear, creases and a small stain $10.00

    Professor Alex Bradford CD Gospel Don't Blame God And Other Gospel Hits Nashboro 4529 SS VG+ STILL SEALED. Saw cut thru UPC $10.00

    Albertina Walker And The Caravans CD Gospel Sail Away Some Bright Morning Frank Music 5508 M- VG+ Shrink wrap is a little shop-worn but STILL SEALED. Cracks in jewel case visible thru the shrink wrap $10.00

    1991 Triangle Jazz Partyboys CD Jazz Traditional Friends In Need Friends In Need 101 VG+ VG+ Light scuffs on disc not affecting play. $10.00

    Muhal Richard Abrams/Barry Harris CD Jazz Avant-Garde Intrepretation Of Monk Koch 7838 M- VG+ 2 CDs. Booklet has light wear/light scuffs $20.00

    Allen/Drake/Jordan/Parker/Silva CD Jazz Avant-Garde All-Star Game Eremite 044 VG+ VG Scuffs on disc not affecting play. Digipak cover has light wear, creased or dented corners, small tears at corners $10.00

    Fred Anderson CD Jazz Avant-Garde Staying In The Game Engine 029 M- VG+ $14.00

    Birds Of A Feather CD Jazz Best Of Native Language 0942 M- VG Saw cut in spine/tray card. Booklet has creases and a 1/2 inch tear $10.00

    Emmet Cohen CD Jazz In The Element Badabeep 9901 M- VG Digipak has wear/creases/dents and a 1/4 inch tear $12.00

    Jeff Kashiwa CD Jazz Very Best Of Native Language 0973 VG+ VG+ Scuffs not affecting play. Hole punched thru tray card UPC $35.00

    Rale Micic CD Jazz Serbia CTA 004 VG+ VG+ Scuffs not affecting play. $15.00

    Warren Smith CD Jazz Avant-Garde Cats Are Stealing My $hit Mapleshade 05332 M- VG+ Hole punched thru tray card UPC $10.00

    Cecil Taylor CD Jazz Avant-Garde Conquistador! Blue Note 90840 SS Still SEALED with hype sticker $10.00

    Various Artists CD Jazz Heineken Jazzfest 1992-En Honor A Michel Camilo No label name 92112 M- VG+ Made in Puerto Rico $20.00

    Don Wilkerson CD Jazz Complete Blue Note Sessions Blue Note 24555 M- VG+ 2 CDs. Saw cut in spine/tray card. Jewel case is scuffed $25.00

    Archie Bell & The Drells CD Soul There's Gonna Be A Showdown Warner Strategic Marketing 5046-76156 M- VG+ UK. 15 bonus tracks. Booklet has light wear/creases. Jewel case is scuffed, but has hype sticker. $10.00

    Inez And Charlie Foxx ? CD Soul Mockingbird - Phase 1: The Complete Sue Recordings Connoisseur 103 M- VG+ UK $12.00

    Al Green CD Soul Back Up Train Camden 924822 SS VG+ EEC. Shrink wrap is a little shop-worn but STILL SEALED. Slipcase corners lightly dented thru the shrink wrap. $10.00

    George Jackson CD Soul What Would Your Mama Say? Grapevine 3026 SS UK. Shrink wrap is shop-worn but STILL SEALED $10.00

    Patti LaBelle & The Bluebells CD Soul Dreamer Atlantic 80786 SS VG+ EEC. STILL SEALED. Digipak corners dented thru the shrink $10.00

    Little Bob And The Lollipops CD Soul I Got Loaded La Louisianne 1024 M- VG+ $12.00

    Masqueraders CD Soul Unmasked: The Best Of The Masqueraders 1965-1972 Grapevine 3013 M- VG+ UK $20.00

    Masters Of Soul CD Soul Right On! Soul-Tay Shus 6351 M- M- Shrink wrap is a little shop-worn but STILL SEALED $12.00

    Nadine CD Soul I'm On My Way Phat Sound no# VG+ VG+ Booklet and tray card a little wrinkled $15.00